YFJ Slovakia 2010 – “Touch the Heaven!”
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29 young people from Czech Republic and Slovakia attended 4-week YFJ Field School of Evangelism and conducted three Evangelistic Campaigns “Touch the Heaven!” in three Slovak cities Poprad, Kezmarok, and Spiska Nova Ves. YFJ Field School of Evangelism was built on the principles of EGW and consisted of tree main parts: Teaching, Outreach and Evangelistic Campaign.

YFJ 2010


The ultimate goal of teaching was to help youth to live with God. They received the basic know-how for meeting with Him as the necessary and essential foundation for evangelism, primarily by the Bible and Spirituality classes. Dogmatic strengthen their faith and touched often misunderstood topics (sin, law and grace, justification by faith), which wrongly understood could harm the relationship with God and thus the service of individuals. Ethics broadened the horizons of decision-making process. Evangelistic Cycle showed the need of the systematic evangelistic work. Final subject Identity revealed the prophetic roots of the Advent movement and steered young people into taking the responsibility of the mission that we as the Adventists have in this world. Classes lasted approx. 50 hours.


Outreach took place in Poprad, Kezmarok, and Spiska Nova Ves. Youth were trained in the Bible Work. They went door-to-door with a spiritual 04questionnaire looking for people who are opened for various types of the Bible Studies (individual, group, post and internet courses). They also delivered leaflets, invited people to the evangelistic meetings, and offered books from the Mobile Library catalogue. Some books were granted to people in need for free. In Spiska Nova Ves youth addressed people also in supermarkets and public places.

As the result of this work several thousands of households were visited, 113 contacts for the post and internet Bible Study courses obtained, and also other 69 people expressed their interest in studying the Bible with the individual or in a group. These people are being visited, interests confirmed, and the Bible Studies start. Outreach took approx. 50 hours.

Public Evangelism – “Touch the Heaven!”

Evangelistic Campaigns were run by youth in cooperation with local believers (registration, technical issues, music and song service, emcee, raffle, interviews, and prayer support) in Poprad (Museum), Kezmarok and  Spiska Nova Ves (SDA Church). The three-week long series called "Touch the Heaven!” was preached by 9 young speakers. Based on 16 Share HIM adapted sermons they presented the Advent message for these days. ASI-CS President Radim Passer boosted the campaigns by sharing his testimony in the middle. Average attendance at 3 sites was 144 people including 32 friends.

Note: The youngest speakers, two girls aged 14 and 15, not baptized yet, but devoted to Jesus Christ, proved to be spiritually capable to manage such a difficult task as preaching was. They are preparing for baptism now. A new generation in church is coming out.


Social Program

The social program included sharing of experiences in the evenings, games and 3 trips to the nature. National parks The High Tatras and The Slovak Paradise provided the necessary relax in the demanding program, strengthen relationships between young people, and brought a new admiration to the Lord Creator.

"YFJ Slovakia 2010" was a pioneering project in the Czech-Slovak Union by its comprehensive content, holding at three locations simultaneously, and by deploying of youth speakers. Young people cope with their role very well. Some of them are considering studying at the Theological Seminary. Many are looking forward to next YFJ. And apparently, everyone came closer to God through this project, discovered new horizons and "Touched the Heaven". Or, more precisely, “Heaven touched them” through YFJ Slovakia 2010. In this way the objective of the project completed.

Limits of the project lay in addressing the young generation. Sermons were attended mostly by people of middle and old age, especially women. It is necessary to search for wisdom from God how to reach the young generation and men. YFJ lack this potential at the moment.

Local churches engaged in this project with great enthusiasm. We would like to express thanks to all our colleagues, donors, organizers and to all who were in any way involved in this pilot project ASI-CS. Special thanks belongs to God and his angels. Without Him nothing would be possible.

In behalf of YFJ Slovakia 2010 team

Anna a Kamil Kreutziger

PS: Comments of YFJ Slovakia 2010 participants

It was absolutely amazing! I look forward to next year. I collected a pile of amazing experiences with the Lord God!

Andy (19 years)

Although it was not perfect, because nothing in the world is perfect, I am satisfied with this program. I am glad that I could use the four weeks.... I believe that this program was beneficial for us, for our churches, as well as or people from outside.

Anka (20 years)

I thank God for this amazing opportunity to be with the believers, to work for people who do not know God door-by-door in a very nice environment. My overall evaluation of the project is very positive.

Robert (25 years)


Definitely it was a month, which I will never forget and will always remember it with beautiful memories. I am enriched. It gave me a lot into my relationship with God and also into my relationships with people. I made new wonderful friends here and I could experience how beautiful it is when young (and all) people are fully involved in the work, and particularly in the work of God - and with God. J

I also learned a lot not only during our morning classes, but also from sermons.

The fact, that I was a speaker, taught me a lot - what a power a prayer has ... and that age does not matter if a person loves God and wants to serve Him, God can use them. As it is written - 1 Tim 4.12 – “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

I learned not to be afraid of standing in front of people, not to be afraid to talk about God and that despite of my age, I can do a lot...

Outreach taught me that we do not have to be ashamed of God. He is not ashamed of us, so why should I be? I gained many experiences; I saw how the prayer works, I've seen different reactions people, I learned how to address, etc. ...

I am very grateful to God for all of this. It was a great experience and in any case I do not regret that I came. If you will do something similar again, I enjoy coming.  It enriched me in many ways and I will remember it for a very long time. J J

Kristy (15 years)

I'm glad I could participate. I'm glad for all the other participants who could be there and I get to know them. Also for the organizers, teachers, local believers, who worked hardly, as well as for all the sponsors who supported this mission project. I'm glad that it was felt that the Holy Spirit worked both in the field, during the sermons and also in Kezmarok between us. ... I am glad that this project helped to my spiritual life and for God's action and assistance.

Niki (15 years)

This project gave me the desire to build my relationship with God. Read more, pray more. It gave me new friends, new family, which I like very much. The members of Poprad and Gerlachov churches grew on my heart. Very! I miss them very much. I think, I would be able to stay there another month but it is said “the best stop”.  I will remember everything in all my life! And, I might come again next year. just, I will regret that there will not be The High Tatras mountains there. J  Thanks for everything! “Touch the Heaven! J J

Deniska (19 years)

Thank you for your willingness to organize something like that! God Bless you all!

Marek (19 years)