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Date: 12/2-19/3/2010.

Place: town Sedlčany, 8.000 inhabitants, approx. 22.000 with surrounding villages

Sermons: 26 sermons preached, New Beginnings series, 5 times a week (except Mo, Thu)

Attendance: 60-80 people on average, 40-50 visitors out of that. The most 107 people at 8th sermon, the least 55 people at 2nd sermon. Last sermon visited more than 80 people. Approx. 30 friends attended most of the sermons. 15 people came forward after the baptismal call and other 15 would like to study the Bible. Some of them are considering the baptism. There are several sincere catholic families with approx. 10 children among them.


It was amazing to see how our wonderful God was working with them, how He was changing their hearts, and how they were receiving the truths of the Word of God, including Da 7 and Rev 13. Many of those who made the decision to be baptized came from Catholic background. Lord led all things amazingly.

Surprisingly, priests attended the sermons as well: one from the Catholic Church, who stopped attend after the sermon about Sabbath (other Catholics attended to the very end); other from Methodist Church, who attended most of the sermons and who is interested in further meetings. However, we stay in friendly touch with that Catholic priest as well.


It is the God’s work, we are only tools, God works amazingly. It was wonderful experience for me as well as for the whole team of organizers. This proved that it is possible to hold public evangelistic meetings in Europe, even in the atheistic Czech Republic. As apostle Paul said:

Thank you for your sincere prayers.

Radim Passer