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This year we support 24 different evangelistic projects and two pilot projects –YFJ Slovakia 2010 (also supported by ASI Europe) and Tanzania 2010. The projects are similar in kind to the last year projects and include different ways of evangelism for different target groups (e.g. children, teenagers, university students, gypsy people, and others), health ministry, spiritual care in hospitals, gospel choirs and community centres, and also internet evangelism.

Tanzania 2010 was a short-term mission trip (May/June). 5 people preached gospel in 5 villages around Kibidula Farm, other 5 built up new churches in the villages Sao Hill and Bumilayinga, and new classrooms at Kibidula primary school. They used “One-Day-Church” constructions. Evangelistic effort included pre-work of the local Bible Workers, Bible studies and literature distribution. Evangelistic campaigns based on Share HIM sermons were accompanied by Health Talks and clothes distribution to children and widows. Approximately 600-800 people were attending the meetings and about the same number of children. Results: 116 baptisms, 2 new churches and 1 school building built.





YFJ Slovakia 2010 started in March with the pre-work of 6 part-time Bible Workers in the area, motivation sermons, and regular activities such as Prayer Groups, Heath Clubs, Pathfinder Clubs, and Special program called “Weekends of Life Testimonies” (monthly, public sharing of true life stories). Local believers were very supportive.


During summer (June 11 – August 8) we held Field School of Evangelism for 29 youth and Evangelistic Campaigns were held in three cities (Poprad, Kezmarok, Spiska Nova Ves). Field School of Evangelism was built on the principles of EGW and consisted of tree main parts: Teaching, Outreach and Evangelistic Campaign. Teaching equipped young people with the tools for meeting with God and Evangelism. Outreach was all about the Bible Work (door-to-door, questionnaire, leaflets, Mobile Library, inviting people to the meetings), Evangelistic Campaigns were run by youth in cooperation with local believers (registration, technique, song service, tombola, books offer, dialogs). 16 Share HIM adapted evangelistic sermons were preached by 9 young speakers (aged 14-31[1]). Radim Passer shared his testimony during the campaign. Average attendance at 3 sites was 144 people including 32 friends. Results: 29 exited youth, 113 people for the internet or post Bible Study, 69 interested for the Bible Study. These people were visited again, unfortunately numbers went down.

2nd New Beginnings training seminar led by Michael Ryan and Denzil McNeilus was held in November 2010 with the attendance 150. At the final call almost a hundred people came forward to be willing to work with this evangelistic tool.

Radim Passer and MARANATHA held 2 campaigns with New Beginnings series – called “Discover the World of the Bible”, and “Discover”.


1. Date: 12/2-19/3/2010. Place: Sedlčany, 8.000 inhabitants, approx. 22.000 with surrounding villages

Sermons: 26 sermons preached, 5 times a week (except Mo, Thu)

Attendance: 60-80 people on average, 40-50 visitors out of that. The most 107 people at 8th sermon (Radim’s testimony), the least 55 people at 2nd sermon. Last sermon visited more than 80 people. Approx. 30 friends attended most of the sermons. 15 people came forward after the baptismal call and other 15 would like to study the Bible. Some of them are considering the baptism. There are several sincere catholic families with approx. 10 children among them.

2. Date: 20/10-24/10/2010. Place: Prague, 1.300.000 inhabitants

Sermons: 26 sermons preached, 5 times a week (except Fri, Sat)

Attendance: 70-90 people on average, 40-60 visitors out of that. The most 120 people at 8th sermon (Radim’s testimony). Approx. 35 friends attended most of the sermons. 14 people came forward after the baptismal call and other 40 would like to study the Bible. Some of them are considering the baptism.

Kamil Kreutziger