FJK - Youth for Jesus Conference - Budapest
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posterDear Friends,

We are excited to inform you about our upcoming Youth for Jesus international conference!

FJK (Youth for Jesus Conference) is a movement started by Christian young people, which follows the example of GYC.

Our theme will resonate with their motto: Fill me!

Our main speakers will be: Justin Kim and Jan-Harry Cabungcal.

The conference will also focus on the Youth for Jesus programs. The seminar and discussion on this matter will be held by Leasa Hodges, one of the founders of this valuable program.

If you would like to attend a conference, where you can

•    get to know how the Holy Spirit works in your life,
•    learn how to be a true witness for God,
•    meet young people that think similarly to you,
•    get answers to your questions from the Bible, then

join us in Budapest from February 1-5 for the next Youth for Jesus Conference!

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