8th ASI Convention in Spain
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More than 80 people attended the 8th ASI Spain convention held in Madrid on the 24th-26th of October 2008.

Carlos Puyol who is the former president of the Spanish Adventist Union and the secretary of the EUA Division spoke to us about how “fear” can affect human lives and how the grace of God can take all our “fears” and be our shield in moments of crisis like the ones we are facing now.

The purpose for our conventions is always to unite our efforts in the service of our Lord. In that sense, we approved two of our main projects for 2009:

The 4th CONÉCTATE youth evangelistic campaign will take place from January to June 2009 in Santiago de Compostela and

We allocated funds for scholarships to train our youth for evangelism at the new Evangelistic School in Spanish. This will start in September 2009 at the Adventist campus in Sagunto.

It was necessary, according to our by-laws, to elect a new board. We have some new people in our team, who I’m sure will bring a breath of fresh air to ASI Spain.

These are the names of the officers who will serve on the ASI Spain board for the next 3 years:

President: Ernesto Duo

Vice President for Evangelism: Joaquín Guntín

Vice President for Marketing and Growth:

Roberto Duo

Secretary: Luis Antonio Soria

Treasurer: Antonio Pérez Godino

Members: Francisco Caamaño, Paulo Pedrosa and Oscar Bel

We would like to extend a big thank you to the former board members for their dedicated and efficient work for ASI Spain during the last 3 years. We pray that our Lord will grant guidance and wisdom to the members of the new board and pray that the Lord will bless ASI Spain as they face the big challenges ahead.

In October, more than 20 ASI members will hold evangelistic meetings in different cities and towns in Spain. The Spanish Union will supervise and coordinate the meetings. We pray that our Lord will be present and pour out his blessing on each meeting.

Our next convention will be held in May 2009 in the city of Santiago de Compostela. This is also were our youth evangelistic campaign will take place.

We warmly invite all of you to come and join us to this very special weekend of prayer. You will be able to enjoy powerful messages and fellowship with Christian believers and receive a rich blessing from the Lord.

May God bless you in your personal and professional life, in all that you do for Him, wherever you are.

Photograph supplied by Ernesto Duo

by Ernesto Duo



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