4th Czech and Slovak ASI Convention
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The end of November 2008 was a big blessing for the Czech and Slovak ASI Chapter. The members of ASI Czech as well as brothers and sisters from SDA church get together in multi-functional hall of industrial town Ostrava. The “New Beginnings” theme was the happy title of this extraordinary and faith awakening convention.

1160 people attended Sabbath worship and listened to the encouraging greetings of ASI Europe President Angel Duo and SDA CS Union President Pavel Šimek. Dough Batchelor, the President of Amazing Fact and main speaker of this convention, gave us a powerful message calling us to go back to the Holy Writings and live a life worthy God we believe in.

During the Sabbath all 17 supported projects for 2009 were presented together with the experience of Czech and Slovak evangelists. Two other projects, localized version of “New Beginnings” and “Y4J”, are set as pilot projects. ASI CS President Radim Passer presented devotion on “The God’s place in our business” and a vision for ASI CS. It was touching message and the following offering reached 2, 879. 786, - CZK (aprox. 107.000 EUR) It exceeded the needs of supported mission projects of approximately 1,780.000, - CZK (aprox. 66.000 EUR). It is awesome! This surplus is going to be used for the pilot projects “New Beginnings“and „Y4J“.

As usually, the main program was accompanied with a wide range of seminars for all participants e.g. “Creation or Evolution?” by Libor Votoček, “Marriage and Business” and “The Art of Positive Motivation” by Mojmír Voráč, “The Personality of the Leader” by Dušan Kučera, “The Bible Ecology in Crisis” by Otakar Jiránek. Dough Batchelor presented his conversion testimony, know how of catching fish and making new disciples of Jesus Christ and the message about soon coming of our Lord and Savior.

We all are so grateful to our God for His blessings, the generous harts of people which beat in harmony with His will, for their sacrifice of time and means, for their effort to reach those who do not know His love. May God bless us in Europe and other places around the world while sharing Him with others. Maranatha!

by Kamil Kreutziger

Photographs taken by Tobiáš Fúčela



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